By Frederick Tsao & Chris Laszlo

Quantum Leadership

New Consciousness in Business

Frederick Tsao and Chris Laszlo argue that current approaches to leadership fail to produce positive outcomes for either businesses or the communities they serve. Drawing on extensive research, this book shows how changing a person’s consciousness is the most powerful lever for unlocking leadership potential to serve humankind. The journey to higher consciousness changes people at a deep intuitive level. The authors show how leaders who pursue this journey are more likely to flourish with significant benefits to both business and society. These include greater creativity and collaboration along with an increased capability to inspire people and produce lasting change. Readers will come away with a deep understanding of quantum leadership and the day-to-day practices that can help them achieve greater effectiveness and well-being at work.

The age of well-being

Frederick Tsao

Born in the east and educated in the west, Frederick Tsao is the fourth-generation family steward of IMC Pan Asia Alliance Group. He became chairman in 1995 and transformed the family business from a traditional shipping company to a diverse, multinational conglomerate. With more than 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Fred has worked successfully with business partners and governments in multiple markets across diverse cultures.

Fred's life journey started with his search for business sustainability. Not finding answers in the modern world, he look towards the teachings of the sages, in particular, China, where his great-grandfather started the family business. Since then, it is a journey of learning, where he discovered that all life is constantly evolving to be in coherence with each other, to be well, so to sustain itself. There is a global awakening and a consciousness shift to a new era of well-being. Fred advocates that businesses need to lead this transformation and reform our era. For this, he founded OCTAVE Institute, an integrated ecosystem that supports a new well-being lifestyle.

Fred has initiated, supervised, and sponsored the research and publication of 35 books in Chinese. Since 2010, Fred has focussed on integrating modern science and ancient practices, and he has co-authored two books, Dawn of an Era of Well-being, New Paths to a Better World, with Ervin Laszlo (2021), and Quantum Leadership, New Consciousness in Business with Chris Laszlo, (2019). His article The Science of Life and Wellbeing: Integrating the New Science of Consciousness with the Ancient Science of Consciousness was published in the Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion in 2021. In his upcoming book, ONE CHOICE, ONE WORLD, Rise of the Well-being and Happiness Economy, he offers his worldview and a path to participate in the building of our future.

Featured Books

One Choice One World

How can humanity turn the current state of unprecedented chaos into an opportunity to create a more sustainable future? In this provocative and ground-breaking work, Frederick Tsao outlines a vision for a new consciousness in life, to forge a common worldview, and culture that prioritises our collective well-being. A new well-being and happiness economy will emerge therefrom. Businesses will be at the very forefront of this transformation. This book offers a new picture of the new world order to serve the needs of humanity, as each one of us has a part to play in this paradigm shift. The future is in our hands!

Dawn of an Era of Well-Being

Humankind today is facing monumental challenges. We know now, that we must change or perish. Worldview is the foundation of culture, and the challenges we face is presenting us with an opportunity to move to a new worldview linking ancient and modern, East and West, science and spirituality. It is easy to be overwhelmed by a sense of chaos, but amidst the chaos lies the possibility of connecting with each other, reconnecting to our roots, and setting about creating a new era marked by individual and collective well-being. This task and possibility inspire and motivate the ideas put forward in this book. 

Quantum Leadership

A new form of business is emerging with demonstrably positive impacts on a broad set of stakeholders. Its distinguishing feature is leaders and corporate cultures that, in some observable fashion, embody a consciousness of wholeness and connectedness. This book is a result of multi-year research on this topic exploring the hypothesis that the greatest point of leverage for changing a leader’s behaviour is a transformation in consciousness. It provides grounded evidence that elevating a person’s consciousness is a powerful lever for unlocking leadership potential, with mindfulness practices supplying the keys.


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Dawn of an Era of Well-Being Podcast

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Dawn of an Era of Well-Being Podcast

In each episode, your hosts Ervin Laszlo and Frederick Tsao, and moderator Nóra Csiszár will converse with guests from numerous disciplines to help us navigate a new worldview from a synthesis of ancient and modern, East and West, science and spirituality.