9 October, 2023

Indigenous Beliefs with Marti Spiegelman

Dawn of an Era of Well-Being
Dawn of an Era of Well-Being
Indigenous Beliefs with Marti Spiegelman

In today’s discussion on Indigenous beliefs, we will revisit a topic that was discussed in some detail in our earlier episode on shamanism, but from some differing perspectives. Our esteemed guest, Marti Spiegelman, actually has mixed feelings about using the term “shamanism” when describing the spiritual practice, believing the term has become too much of a generalization and a catchall. Whatever we may choose to call it, Marti is deeply involved in reconnecting the modern world with an ancient wisdom with which we have lost touch. This ancient wisdom involves the immediacy of experience and in turn a profound attunement with the universal consciousness. She emphasizes that this is not some sort of esoteric past-time, but very practical knowledge which will grant prosperity in our individual lives and a tremendous benefit for humanity.

Marti Spiegelman holds a BA in biochemistry from Harvard University, an MFA in graphic design from the Yale School of Art and Architecture, and has advanced training in neurophysiology, psychology, and anthropology. She was president of her own graphic design firm for twenty years. She is also the founder of Shaman’s Light™, a professional training program dedicated to the creation of abundance through evolved consciousness and passion-based work.

She serves as a Fellow to REX, the Relationship Economy eXpedition founded by Jerry Michalski. She was named the 2010 Cambridge Registry Executive Professional of the Year for her work in applying the principles of consciousness to the evolution of business and environmental action, and she was a presenter at TEDx Berkeley 2011.

Marti is also a member of the Content Evolution™ federation of business advisors, where she is working with business colleagues to develop groundbreaking methodologies for raising the level of consciousness in the practice, organization, and evolution of business, finance, and governance worldwide.


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