22 February, 2022

Garry Jacobs

Dawn of an Era of Well-Being
Dawn of an Era of Well-Being
Garry Jacobs

Our world is entering what may be referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This is an era marked by technological advances which manufacture machines that are capable of outperforming human beings in a variety of activities and with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI.), this will include “thinking”. The Fourth Industrial Revolution was ushered in by the Third Industrial Revolution from which we are only now emerging and was characterized by a widespread dissemination of information—steam and electricity were the attributes of the First and Second Industrial Revolutions, respectively. As A.I. becomes more prevalent technology will continue to reshape and revolutionize human life, blurring the distinction between physical, digital, and biological systems and processes.

Could many of the problems that the world faces today—Social injustice, climate change, pandemics, and so forth—be the result of humankind using the tenets of an old paradigm in an arena where they no longer apply?

Helping us consider the pros and cons of this new world we are entering, we are joined today by the acclaimed social scientist and economist, Garry Jacobs. Over the course of this fascinating conversation we will also speak of eastern and western perspectives on the individual’s role in the world (Garry resides in India), and an exploration of the concept of “pure thinking”.

Garry Jacobs is an American-born researcher, author and international consultant on economic and social development and business management focusing on strategies to promote full-employment, equitable and sustainable development for all.

He is currently CEO of the World Academy of Art & Science, and co-chairs the Academy’s international working group on new economic theory, and editor of Cadmus Journal. He is also chairman of the Board and CEO of World University Consortium, he leads an effort to evolve a transdisciplinary science of society. As Vice President of Mother’s Service Society, an Indian social science research institute, he developed a strategy to create 100 million jobs and double agricultural productivity in India. He is also Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Institute for Person-Centered Approach, Italy.

As a management consultant, he works on strategies to develop human and social capital and corporate values to promote growth by serving real social needs.


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