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February 2, 2023
We know now, more than ever before, that we must change or perish. Worldviews are the foundation of culture, and the crisis has presented us with an opportunity to move to a new world-view linking Ancient & Modern, East & West, Science & Spirituality. Endowed with technology and a new worldview informed by ancient wisdom as well as the findings of contemporary science, we can create a new narrative and witness the dawn of a better era.

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Anne Baring


Alison Goldwyn

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Dawn of an Era of Well-Being
Dawn of an Era of Well-Being
Anne Baring

EPISODE N. 22 | Today’s conversation concerns matters of matter and spirit. By taking a close look at this very seemingly basic distinction, we can gain a lot of very practical information. What do we actually know about the material world? Many Eastern spiritual traditions, as well as many of the ancient thinkers, do not make a hard distinction between physical matter and spiritual substance. Some might say they are one and the same. Our guest today, the best-selling author and Jungian Analyst, Anne Baring, has much to say about the modern disconnect between the spiritual and the material. Today, she will make it very clear her case that this disconnect alienates us from our sacred nature, and our divine purpose.  

The fruits of uninhibited materialism can be seen in current events and throughout the violent history of world events. Our leaders are often driven by nothing more than selfish ambition and a wanton quest for power, placing self-interest above all else. A clear perception of the divinity manifest in the material world and its inhabitants helps us understand the interconnectedness and sacred purpose of all other beings on this planet, and should be instructive on how we must build a better world through collaboration rather than competition. Join us today as Ervin and Anne delve deep into these questions of material and spiritual. 


Anne Baring is a Jungian Analyst and author of numerous publications including The Myth of the Goddess: Evolution of an Image co-authored with Jules Cashford; Soul Power: An Agenda for a Conscious Humanity with Scilla Elworthy; The Divine Feminine: Recovering the Feminine Face of God Around the World with Andrew Harvey; and The Dream of the Cosmos: A Quest for the Soul for which she was awarded the Scientific and Medical Network Book Prize for 2013, and which in 2020 was re-released in a new edition. The ground of all her work is a deep interest in the spiritual, mythological, shamanic, and artistic traditions of different cultures. Her website is devoted to the affirmation of a new vision of reality and the issues facing us at this crucial time of choice. 


Dawn of an Era of Well-Being

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Dawn of An Era of Well-Being is the podcast that brings together some of the world’s most innovative thinkers to weigh in on matters concerning the future of ourselves and our planet—and to discuss that future not as something to be predicted, but to be created. In each episode, your hosts Ervin Laszlo and Frederick Tsao, and moderator Alison Goldwyn will converse with guests from numerous disciplines to help us navigate a new worldview which derives its wisdom from a synthesis of ancient and modern, East and West, and science and spirituality. From these seemingly divergent perspectives, we will demonstrate how to we can create a new narrative and usher in the dawn of a better era.

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