The Journey

Chavalit is culturally attuned, being born in the East (born in Hong Kong, China) and educated in the West. This exposure and decades of experience as an entrepreneur gave him insights into what he envisions as a solution for global sustainability challenges.

In 1995, he set up a unit, the East West Cultural Development Centre, to research this topic and discovered that a holistic approach to cultivating leadership to serve the Well-being Era requires the integration of ancient wisdom and modern science.

Chavalit is bringing to the forefront a set of questions, “What is the purpose of life?,” “What is the role of business?,” “What is needed in the Well-being Era?.”  He believes that business needs to revive its role to be a “purpose-led profit” institution, where ethics and morality is the highest order of business leadership.

Chavalit believes business reform is needed, and quantum leadership is the way. He is committed to this journey and is reforming his family business, TPC, with a renewed mission “To Serve Well-being of Life and Create Wealth at the Same Time.” He founded OCTAVE, a business model with an ecosystem for an integrated life journey towards well-being.

Chavalit’s insights are shared in three books he has authored. He advocates for the urgency of a shift in humanity’s consciousness and for business to lead the way. He has also commissioned research on this topic, which has been published in more than 35 Chinese books.

The Early Years

Chavalit is a baby boomer born into a wealthy and affluent family and has experienced both Eastern and Western cultures. He joined his family business in his early twenties and quickly achieved success by investing in and growing start-ups, and expanding the family business into Thailand.

Immersed in the capitalist system, he felt he was conquering the world and could live forever. Throughout those early years, he saw how the Invisible Hand manipulated global financial markets and systems. On reflection, he realised he was seeking gratification for his ego. He, too, was ignorant and idolised the irresponsible economic growth of the “marketing” market economy that contributed to today’s sustainability challenges, which a crisis of ethics and morality has fundamentally caused.

Humanity in the Face of Greed

Chavalit had a diverse range of experiences, from establishing a shipyard to dealing with roughnecks, catching thieves in warehouses, and even encountering shootouts. Through these experiences, he realised how far people are willing to go for greed, and how business plays a key role in this reality.

During his time in Thailand from the late 1980s to 1997, Chavalit witnessed the rise and fall of the Asian economic miracle. He saw the damage that irresponsible economic growth was inflicting on society, which led him to reflect on the role of business and human greed. He asked himself, “What is my responsibility as an entrepreneur?” and “What is the role of business in society?”

Chavalit concluded that business must be purpose-led to be relevant and sustainable. It must serve the well-being of life and anchor its activities on this purpose.

Awakening to Well-Being

Chavalit sees humanity’s challenges in three big areas, sustainability, globalisation, and technology. He sees these as relational challenges that stem from a crisis of ethics and morality – of integrity and trust.

In the modern world, people tend to search for truth externally, by looking outwards. However, ancient cultures, especially Chinese culture, teach us that self-cultivation is an inward journey. When we look inward, we can discover that everything we need in life is already within us. Our inherent nature is love and connection.

In 1993, Chavalit began meditating, which initiated his journey to explore his inner self and led to significant personal growth. Through his exploration, he realised that we are all part of an interconnected system. This awareness now shapes all aspects of his stewardship.

He shifted his relationship with wealth, from ownership to stewardship, which is to be ethically responsible for the deployment of entrusted resources towards achieving a common set of objectives. This is the shift towards well-being.

Quantum Leadership, A Calling

In our modern world, leadership, management, and business must consider all of the interconnected systems and redefine the needs of stakeholders. This is necessary to align and collaborate in order to create and sustain success. Alignment can only be achieved through a shared worldview.

Chavalit believes that life and business share a common purpose: to add value, serve the well-being of Life, and create wealth simultaneously. Quantum Leadership is new business consciousness, and when integrated into businesses and organisations, it will transform the way they act and impact the world.

The path to Quantum Leadership is an experiential and action-oriented journey. Chavalit has responded to his calling and taken conscious action to transform his business into one that serves human well-being.

However, he knows that he cannot do this alone. He wishes for you to join him as a member of the collective system called humanity, to steward the creation of the Well-being Era. This is where everyone is in harmony as one living system of Life.

From Chavalit’s Desk